Assalamualaikum everybody. Long time no see. hehe. I just want to share about my dream. Last night i got a dream about status at Facebook. That really crazy, my sister angry with me because my status i had updated. She said are you thinking first before you update the status, that really nonsense you know. Then I said, why? that my status, up to me what I want to update. The crazy is, how come i can said like that to my sister. hahaha. That not my true me okay! And, I have the other dream. That the nice dream because I made my own sushi. That good right, not buying the sushi but you do your own and eat. I want the dream about sushi comes true. I want eat my own sushi with the wassabi. That so delicious. 

This is my first post in English. Sorry if that have a mistake in my writing. I do my best for this post and I want to improved my English. Please teach me and I learn from you. Thank you!

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